"A family experience that we have made a tradition"

- Greg Gibbs


At the Schemenauer Farm, we welcome you to come and experience our fields firsthand. By picking your own blueberries, you see where they come from, you meet the hands that grew them, and you know that you are feeding your family with home-grown untreated blueberries.

U-Pick-Blueberries is a West Michigan tradition that families have enjoyed for generations.  It is as simple and fun as the name implies.  Instead of the farmer or farmers equipment picking blueberries and packaging them, YOU get to pick them yourself – as much as you want, for as long as you want in the summer sun.   You pay for blueberries by the pound, and the prices are incredible compared to retail!  Most of the picking is in July and August and at Schemenauer farms it is an “any time” operation.   Farmer Luke has decided that he wants to do business the old-fashioned way – with trust and honesty.   At the farm, there is a lock-box where, after weighing your blueberries, you pay by the per-pound-price that is listed there at the farm, whether he is there or not.  Is that wonderful or what?  Over the years, people have been more than honest – even generous.   That seems to be the spirit of a farm and farm family that is committed to values and delicious fruit-growing.  Check out their raspberries someday, too!