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KELLY M. / BLoomington, il

Two years of visiting Luke at his farm. What you need to know:

It's off the beaten path. It looks pretty rough - lots of equipment around that is rusty. The system is on your own- there are directions in the little shack.  Figure it out. It's the honor system, so bring cash or a check. He has u-pick raspberries!  And blueberries!  and it's $1/pound!  YES!! Now, we have picked raspberries there- you have to get in your car and drive a bit, but well worth it!
NEVER crowded!
Genuine blueberry farmer!

SNOW H. / chicago, il

A great farm with several varieties of blueberries to choose from, enjoyed the 3-hr pick and 23 lbs of berries! $1/lb, can't beat this price with such great quality of berries!!! We enjoyed our trip very much although we drove from Chicago.

Andrea g. / Rochester hills, mi

I take my family to the farm every summer.  We never miss our tradition of a few hours of blueberry picking that turns into days of blueberry eating!  We make blueberry pancakes, blueberry pies and can’t imagine a summer without a trip to Luke’s farm.

Megan h. / phoenix, Az

I was visiting college friends and in from Arizona.  It was a true Michigan adventure – blueberry picking, laughing, and working on my sun tan.  I’d come back just for the blueberries!

 paul l. / detroit, mi

One of the ways I get away from an intense work schedule in Detroit is to get to the west side of the state.   When friends convinced me to go blueberry picking, I had no idea what these even was.  Now, I’m hooked!


We visit Schelemauer farms for blueberries every summer on our trip to our Grandkids'. Best blueberries EVER!


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