Luka & becky

The Schemenauers are not your average American couple. With a unique mix of family values, faith, commitment to the community, and debt-free living, they are able to provide so much to so many.

Luka comes from a heritage of Michigan business owners. His family business was a farm service center where he learned old-fashioned hard work (and a lot about farming and fruit) from his father. An extraordinary kid, he owned his own bicycle repair shop. By the time he was a teenager he was managing apartments for his family as well as selling fruit to local grocers all over West Michigan.

“When I was 6, my dad bought me a wagon, but put 2 crates of apples in it.  He told me to sell the apples for a nickel a piece so I could pay him 2 dollars for the apples and 1 dollar to pay off my wagon. I could keep one dollar for myself. That’s where it all began.”

Luka started farming 1973 and then started with blueberries in 1980. Since then, he has grown, harvested, consulted other growers and sold fruit both commercially and to U-pickers. 

“At one point we had 15 semi-trucks regularly delivering and four separate businesses. I was consulting hundreds of farmers on fruit production and had a 350,000 bushel apple storage operation. But, Becky and I decided to sell a lot of that off so we could live debt free.  We are no longer tied to creditors and are free to live for what the Lord wants us to do.”

This means that now, people who want homegrown blueberries – and other delicious fruit – can experience this family-owned and family-focused farm with a commitment to honesty and hard work that grew in the very soil that Luka and Becky work on to this day.   That, and the prices are unbeatable!

Commitment to Faith and The Next Generation

What many will not see is the commitment Becky and Luka have to people.

Becky is a missionary with RBM Ministries (  Though she has spent time counseling women and runs her own craft business, one of her favorite ministries is called Released Time.  The state of Michigan allows students from Kindergarten through 8th grade to leave school for a few hours to experience Bible Study, songs and games with the permission of their parents.  So, Luka drives the bus and Becky does the teaching – they are a team!